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Washington College Bound Scholarship

Think you can't afford to send your child to college???

The Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board might be able to help.

If your child....

  1. Is in 7th or 8th Grade
  2. Lives in Washington State &
  3. Participates in the Free or Reduced Lunch program

He or She may be eligible for the Washington College Bound Scholarship Program. The WCBSP is a commitment to 7th and 8th graders whose families may not be able to afford to send them to college. The scholarship pays for the amount of tuition and fees (at public college rates), plus $500 for books.

For more information, requirements, and details of the scholarship program go to:

Puyallup/Tacoma Area Counselors

Note: this information is provided as a service and is not intended to be an endorsement of any individual counselor or provider.

Carrie Brueher
Monday - Friday
8:15 am - 3:45 pm

A New Sunrise Counseling and Associates

(253) 584-3447

Allenmore Psychological Associates

1530 S Union Ave

Tacoma 98405


  • Siobhan Budwey, Ph.D. (specializes in children/adolescents)
  • Phillip Frank, Ph.D. (preschool and older, abuse, ADD, ADHD, emotional issues)
  • Paul Nelson, Ph.D. (anger management, older teens)

Associated Ministries

(253) 383-3056

Diane Ballard (family counseling)


(253) 848-3349

BRIDGES-A Center for Grieving Children

Mary Bridge Hospital and Health Center

(253) 272-8266


Catholic Community Services

(253) 383-3697

Tacoma-(253) 502-2696

Children’s Therapy Unit / Good Samaritan Hospital


(253) 445-5045

Comprehensive Mental Health Center

(253) 396-5800 (Children)

(253) 396-5000 (Adults)

Confidential Associates, Individual and Family Counseling

(253) 597-8022

Engaging Family Service

(253) 324-8186

Good Samaritan Behavioral Health

325 E Pioneer


(253) 697-8400/(253) 848-5771/(253) 445-8120

Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare

(253) 581-7020

GriefWorks:  A Bereavement Resource for Education and Support

(253) 333-9420

Halford Counseling

Greg Halford, M.A.

253-229-8389 (will do sessions in home if requested)

Carlin Harris-Sunrise Counseling Services

11216 Sunrise Blvd Suite 3-204

Puyallup, WA  98374

Office:  (253) 445-2441; Cell:  (253) 906-1737


(253) 565-4484

Suzie Hoyt

Woodcreek Pediatrics/Behavioral Health

 (must be a Woodcreek patient to access)

1706 S. Meridian, Puyallup

(253) 446-3237

Naomi Huddlestone

Rainier Associates


(253) 475-6021

Institute for Family Development

(253) 927-1550

Karen Jimenez

(253) 722-7031

Dr. Gregory Konzelman

(253) 842-3197

Lutheran Community Services Northeast

(253) 272-8433

Marriage and Family Therapy Program

(253) 535-7659

Puyallup Tribal Health Authority

(253) 593-0232

Meridian Professional Counseling

Gregor Konzolman, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Jennifer Knight, specializing in sexual assault and teen anxiety

Roxanne Brown, M.A.

Loran Inman, M.A.

Bryce Wilson, M.A.

426 N Meridian St, Puyallup WA

(253) 841-3297   

Anne Merrill, MA

(She was one of our SS/HS therapists from Good Samaritan)


(253) 591-9479

Pacific Lutheran Univ Child and Family Therapy Clinic

(253) 535-8782

Steve Parkison, Phd. (children and adolescents, ADD, ADHD)

56th and Orchard, Tacoma

(253) 475-7510

Dr. Penalver

Ida Karlin Healing Center

319 5th St. SW


(253) 848-0351

Puyallup Family Support Center

(253) 845-9177

Sea Mar Community Health Center of Puyallup

(253) 864-4770

Sunrise Counseling Services

Carlin Harris

11216 Sunrise Blvd E., Suite 3-204

Puyallup, WA  98374

(253) 445-2441

Bob Vincent

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

10116 116th St E


(253) 770-1693

Julie Webster

(253) 891-0200

James Webster


(253) 272-4557

Woodcreek Behavioral Health South

Psychologists and one Psychiatrist on staff. 

11102 Sunrise Blvd. E, Suite 109, Puyallup

(253) 446-3240

Woodcreek Pediatrics/Behavioral Health

            -must be an existing Woodcreek patient

Dr. Richard Wyma

Pam Rehder

Suzie Hoyt

1706 S. Meridian


(253) 446-3237